Sofian Taruf

My name is Sofian Taruf, I'm a game designer from France with a passion for video games since my childhood.

I love the creative and multi-disciplinary aspect of game development and my main goal is to deliver a fun and memorable experience to the player.

Here you will find some of my projects and details about my personal contribution and thought process.

I'm currently looking for an opportunity as a game designer, game programmer or QA tester !

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Title: Escape 42

Genre: Action stealth

Engine: Unreal Engine

Development time: 1 Month

Team size: 2

This game was developed over the course of a month for Game Off 2023, a project I undertook with my sister.

The theme for this game jam was "Scale". In response, we crafted a stealth-based game where the core mechanic revolves around the player's ability to alter their own size or that of their surroundings. This feature is pivotal in navigating challenges, avoiding detection, and overcoming various obstacles.

Our game sets forth a clear objective for the player: to navigate through each level undetected while also collecting as much hidden data as possible dispersed throughout the game environment.

Title: Gone Rogue

Genre: FPS

Engine: Unreal Engine

Development time: 48 hours

Team size: 2

This game was made in a week for the Brackey's Gamejam 2022 with my sister.

We aimed for a fast paced FPS. Since the player is playing as an AI, we gave the whole game a futuristic tone (weapon, font, dialogues, sounds). Also, to have a short and fun experience in a gamejam context, we chose to set the game to last for 5 minutes maximum.

My contribution

  • Designed the 4 powers (healing zone, deploy turret, freeze time, call an ally) that the player can use to survive
  • Tuned all the stats for characters, enemies, powers etc
  • Did the level design
  • Implemented features with blueprints (countdown, health/death system, healing and time freeze powers, audio, dialogues and UI...)


  • Creating a coherent overall environment without a profesional artist in our team
  • Reducing the scope and scraping features to complete the jam in time
  • Balancing the overall difficulty for a 5 min experience
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Title: Stellar Battles

Genre: Arcade shoot'em up

Engine: Unity

Development time: 2 weeks

Team size: 1

I was a solo dev on this game which was a mobile dev experiment.

I wanted to make a hyper-casual shootem'up with a highscore system intended for short gaming sessions.

My contribution

  • Coded all the features with Unity C#
  • Designed and tuned the powers and various settings
  • Generated and integrated the art using Midjourney AI art generator

Title: Upside Down

Genre: Action platformer

Engine: Unreal Engine

Development time: 1 month

Team size: 2

A platformer set in a mysterious world where the player has to solve puzzles using his power to invert gravity. Made during the Epic Mega Jam 2022.

My contribution

  • Designed the puzzles
  • Implemented moving platforms, gates, collectibles with blueprints
  • Did the level design, defined the art direction


  • Designing interesting puzzles
  • Thinking of an interesting level design that takes advantage of the possibility for the player to walk on the ceiling
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Title: Quick ! Dice it !

Genre: Minigames compilation

Engine: Unity

Development time:48 hours

Team size: 2

This game was made in less than 48 hours for the GMTK 2022 Game Jam, on the theme "Roll Of The Dice".

Our vision was to create a game inspired by Wario Ware where the player would play a serie of crazy mini-games.

My contribution

  • Defining the game vision, mechanics and tuning the variables
  • Implementing some mini-games with Unity C# scripts
  • Creating 2D assets with Aseprite


  • Designing different very short mini-games that can be implemented and tested in a very short time span
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